In a relaxing atmosphere, imbued with the historic features of an architectural monument, the restaurant of the hotel offers you a great variety of culinary specialties cooked by our passionate chefs.

With a seating capacity of approximately 60 people, the restaurant situated on the first floor is opened daily between 07:00-22:00 hours. The clients of Ambasador Hotel are welcomed to enjoy the breakfast every morning between 07:00-10:00 hours, offering a wide selection of tea, coffee, dairy products, cheeses, cold meats, warm dishes, fresh fruits, juices.

The live sound of the sax, the welcoming climate, and the savor of the dishes are a perfect match every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 20:00 hours in the restaurant of the hotel.

Ambasador Restaurant can be the ideal place for various private events, from private name days to festive business dinners. The high quality services offered by the qualified personnel and the menu thought to please even the most exigent tastes guarantee the success of any type of event.

By the event room situated on the 12th floor of the Hotel, we provide you the possibility to host important events from name days, baptism parties, weddings in an intimate and private environment. The tasteful arrangements, light shows and the scenery will turn any event into a pleasant memory and will convince you to come back to Ambasador.

You are most welcome here!


Tuna bruschetta 80/50g 10 lei
Mozzarella bruschetta 80/50g 10 lei
Tomato bruschetta 80/50g 8 lei
Cold snack 300g 20 lei
Warm snack 250g 25 lei
Sausages 100g 15 lei
Chicken goujons 100g 12 lei
Perch goujons 100g 20 lei
Fried yellow cheese coated in breadcrumbs 130g 10 lei
Crudites salad 150/50g 8 lei
Bulgarian salad 350g 25 lei
Tuna salad 350g 25 lei
Tripe soup 60/240g 14 lei
Country style veal broth 40/260g 10 lei
Country style chicken broth 40/260g 9 lei
Vegetable broth 300g 6 lei
Bean soup with smoky bacon 300g 8 lei
Chicken soup with dumplings 20/80/200g 8 lei
Vegetables cream with crutons 300g 8 lei
Mushroom cream with croutons 300g 8 lei
Tomato cream with croutons 300g 8 lei
Spaghetti Carbonara 350g 25 lei
Spaghetti Bolognese 350g 23 lei
Tortellini 350g 30 lei
Meunière perch fillet with steamed vegetables 150/150/30g 30 lei
Grilled salmon rounds with steamed vegetables 150/150g 35 lei
Cheese and sour cream with polenta 150/100/50g 8 lei
Poached veal with vegetables and horseradish 150/150/20g 25 lei
Butter and sour cream potatoes 150/100g 8 lei
Cordon bleu 150g 18 lei
Pork medallion with mushrooms 120/30/150g 22 lei
Pork schnitzel in fresh breadcrumbs 150g 15 lei
Chicken schnitzel in fresh breadcrumbs 150g 14 lei
Baked pork leg 150g 16 lei
Tochitura - Moldavian style deep-fried meat with polenta 150/150g 25 lei
Sautéed chicken livers with mushrooms 120/50/50g 15 lei
Beef sirloin 150g 55 lei
Pork fillet 150g 20 lei
Pork neck 150g 20 lei
Chicken breast 150g 18 lei
Boned chicken legs 150g 15 lei
Chicken Cordon Bleu 150g 18 lei
Grilled mixed vegetables 200g 8 lei
Sautéed vegetables 200g 10 lei
French fries 150g 7 lei
Mashed potatoes 150g 5 lei
Steamed potatoes 150g 5 lei
Country style rice 150g 5 lei
Mushroom risotto 150g 10 lei
Slow roasted cabbage 150g 5 lei
Sautéed mushrooms 150g 10 lei
Bread rolls buc 2 lei
Toast 30g 1 lei
Gorgonzola 50g 5 lei
Soy 50g 4 lei
Chilli 20g 4 lei
Worcester 20g 4 lei
Horseradish 30g 3 lei
Calipso 50g 3 lei
Sour cream 50g 3 lei
Garlic 50g 2 lei
Ketchup 50g 3 lei
White cabbage salad 150g 5 lei
Mixed salad 150g 6 lei
Lettuce with lemon 150g 6 lei
Tomato salad 150g 6 lei
Mixed pickles salad 200g 8 lei
Picked cucumber salad 200g 8 lei
Chilly buc 1 leu
Papanasi (fried cheese dough dumplings) with jam 120/50/50g 12 lei
Pancakes with jam/chocolate 70/80g 10 lei
Pancakes with ice cream 70/100g 10 lei
Fruit salad 150g 8 lei
Fruit platter 300g 12 lei
Coupe Jaques 150/50g 12 lei
Creme caramel 150g 8 lei
Apple pie 150g 8 lei
Cheese pie 150g 8 lei

Prices do not apply to events held in the Ambasador Hotel !

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